August 15, 1937 – February 11, 2021. 
Greta Cook passed peacefully at home in Panama City, Florida, with her husband and family by her side. She was born in Caribou, Maine. 

Greta Cook Prayer Card

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1 thought on “GRETA COOK

  1. My mom was known by several names: Mom, Mama, Gig, GG, Gammie, Gret, Greeta, Greta Green, and of course, Dragon Lady, by yours truly. I thought my mom was the meanest mom on the block.
    For example, when I was a teenager, I came home to find a note from my mother. It had my name at the top, underlined, twice, boldly, and then a list of five numbered rules:
    Number one: Three nights weekly with Lee – that’s it!
    Number two: Make bed daily and straighten your room and bath! Once weekly, clean bedroom and bath thoroughly.
    Number three: Car will not be used for dates nor will it leave this garage without my permission!
    Number four: When you fix snacks or meals, do your dishes and clean kitchen completely! And
    Number five: Don’t make plans to do anything without first checking with me! Signed: I damn well mean every word! Your Mother.
    I found out later in life that the meanest mom on the block was the best mom on the block. She knew exactly what she was doing. My name for her should have been Wonder Woman! She is definitely my hero.
    She was there for me ANY time I needed her. She was my person. I could talk to her about anything. She was a great listener and always had good advice. I would call her and talk and talk and talk. She would finally say, “Sheri, I’ve gotta go, my ear is killing me.”
    She taught me manners, etiquette, how to be a lady. How to stand my ground, go for my dreams and go out and conquer the world. When anyone was unkind to me, she would always say, “Kill them with kindness.” She taught me Chicken Foot Dominos and the card game Peek. She had an amazing sense of humor. We would laugh until we cried (or pee’d) on a regular basis. Boy, do we have some stories!
    But the most important things my mama ever taught me was faith and strength. She showed me this every day of her life in how she handled everything that came her way. Battling cancer was the biggy. She faced it head on and her faith was even stronger during all of it. My mom was at peace through it all. She was ready when the good Lord was ready to take her. In the meantime, she tried to enjoy every day she had.
    I asked my kids what came to mind when they thought about Grandma Gret, and Jessica said, “Powdered donuts, Peek, laughing and nice legs.” Jonathan said, “Dominos and the glass angel she let me have. It always felt like home there even if it was a different kind of home.” Michael said, “Her strength, caring, and the Eskimo bars in her freezer.”
    I’ll end with the words my mom wrote on a card to me, years ago:
    Don’t ever forget I love you, so very much, and will always be here for you!
    See ya soon! Love Mom
    Love you Mama! Miss you so much. I think of you everyday! Sheri

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